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The LEONCINI Real Estate Agency in the person of its owner Mr. Matteo Leoncini is registered with the Role of Business Agents in mediation at C.C.I.A.A. of Massa Carrara at the n. 106896 registered in the former Role n. 383 of the Agents of Mediation since December 1995. Joined the F.I.A.I.P. (Italian Federation of Prefesional Real Estate Agents) with n. 6937 since January 1996. The holder covers the position of FIAIP regional councilor and FIAIP provincial councilor. The Leoncini Real Estate Agency has been active in the real estate brokerage business for several years and has been working with several experienced and qualified professionals in the real estate sector. We are able to offer technical, tax, legal and commercial advice to enable our customers to transact or the lease of your property with the highest guarantees of safety and tranquility.

We work, thanks to the collaboration with other agencies, all over the national territory, but especially in the Lunigiana area, Val di Magra where we know perfectly the values ​​of the property in order to always guarantee the most reliable real estate valuations.

In international investments (United States and United Kingdom) we work in close collaboration with professionals with proven experience and skills, the customer is followed by the purchase of a single property, with us the client-investor is joined by a team of experts that assist him for every need.

Working in these crisis years with excellent results has enabled our agency to solidify itself professionally in the current market, looking for new markets, always up to date with market trends and trading rules following the customer from the first meeting so far to arrive at the deed of sale or rent services. For us to follow customers at every step, ensuring the safety of quietly concluding real estate negotiation, is a priority. Advertising featured on the best internet sites and social networks, on flyers and local newspapers, allows for a great visibility of real estate proposals.

Professionalism, confidentiality, courtesy and competence characterize us.

LEONCINI Real Estate Agency
Via A. Moro 2 - Villafranca in Lunigiana MS
Tel. 0187 498026 Cell 338 8299755
http://www.immobiliareleoncini.it    info@immobiliareleoncini.it

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